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Jon Paul Holt

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Jon Paul's

Jon Paul Holt was born and trained in England. He has been a hairstylist and salon owner for over 45 years and still loves working 5 days a week in the salon with his team and creating wonderful styles on his large and loyal clientele.


(Jon) Paul opened his first salon in England at the age of 19 with his partner Alan Moss. Their salons, ‘Alan Paul’ eventually became the largest chain of hair salons in England. It was also the first salon group ever to be taken on to the public London Stock Exchange.


His constant search for something new brought Jon Paul to first visit and then to immigrate to Canada in 1981. Two years later he opened Avant Garde Hair Studio with his then partner Phillip Wilson. At Avant Garde, he began looking after the hair of visiting film stars such as Meg Ryan and rock bands and rock star friends like Vancouver’s own Bryan Adams.


Jon Paul Holt and Avant Garde Hair Studio quickly built up a national and international name for excellence in hair and beauty. In 1991, Jon Paul moved his  salon in Yaletown.


Canadian famous artist and Vancouver’s own Joe Average designed and painted the distinctive Avant Garde logo. Located in Yaletown is at 1075 on Mainland Street. Avantgarde Hair Salon celebrated 38 years in business in 2021.

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Check out this fun British newspaper article about Jon Paul "BACK IN THE DAY" (click here) and read more of Jon Paul's early life and biography in the UK and how he changed the hair of a soccer superstar in the 70s. Kevin Keegan's perm!

Watch the video below: Jon Paul was chosen as a TV host for a UK-based travel series as he takes us on a tour around Yaletown and his favourite places to visit in Vancouver.