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Jon Paul Holt was born and trained in England. He has been a hairstylist and salon owner for over 45 years and still loves working 5 days a week in the salon with his team and creating wonderful styles on his large and loyal clientele.


(Jon) Paul opened his first salon in England at the age of 19 with his partner Alan Moss. Their salons, ‘Alan Paul’ eventually became the largest chain of hair salons in England. It was also the first salon group ever to be taken on to the public London Stock Exchange.


His constant search for something new brought Jon Paul to first visit and then to immigrate to Canada in 1981. Two years later he opened Avant Garde Hair Studio with his then partner Phillip Wilson. At Avant Garde, he began looking after the hair of visiting film stars such as Meg Ryan and rock bands and rock star friends like Vancouver’s own Bryan Adams.


Jon Paul Holt and Avant Garde Hair Studio quickly built up a national and international name for excellence in hair and beauty. In 1991, Jon Paul moved his  salon in Yaletown.


Canadian famous artist and Vancouver’s own Joe Average designed and painted the distinctive Avant Garde logo. Located in Yaletown is at 1075 on Mainland Street. Avantgarde Hair Salon celebrated 38 years in business in 2021.

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Check out this fun British newspaper article about Jon Paul "BACK IN THE DAY" (click here) and read more of Jon Paul's early life and biography in the UK and how he changed the hair of a soccer superstar in the 70s. Kevin Keegan's perm!

Watch the video below: Jon Paul was chosen as a TV host for a UK-based travel series as he takes us on a tour around Yaletown and his favourite places to visit in Vancouver.


For over the last 35 years the Avant Garde artistic team have blessed to have won many National and International awards. They are recognized as the most award winning salon in Vancouver.

Awards include:


  • TWICE NAHA WINNER: The North American Make-Over Stylist of the Year

  • Canadian Hairstylist of the Year

  • Canadian Colourist of the Year

  • Canadian Perm Technician of the Year

  • Canadian Avant Garde Stylist of the Year

  • Canadian Session Stylist of the Year

  • British Columbia Stylist of the Year

  • British Columbia Team of the Year

Jon Paul has been most truly honored to be presented with “The Canadian Lifetime Achievement Award.” He was given this award in recognition for his help in promoting Canadian Hairstyling internationally and encouraging young Canadian stylists to compete on the world stage.


While he is honoured to have won these awards, Jon Paul is especially proud of twice being awarded “North American Hairstylist of the Year.” He has been a finalist three times in the British Hair Awards and he has represented Canada three times on stage at the world’s most prestigious hair show in London England.


The Alternative Hair Show held every year at the Royal Albert Hall in London is a pinnacle of recognition in the world of hairstyling and raises money for Leukemia Research. A stylist or salon has to be picked and personally invited to participate in this show. Jon Paul represented Canada three times,  alongside world hair icons such as Vidal Sassoon.

“Walking onto stage at the Royal Albert Hall was like a dream come true,” says Jon Paul, “It’s a place and a show I’d attended so many times when I lived in England but always dreamed that one day I would be up on that stage. That dream came true for me as a Canadian!”

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Bald is Beautiful


Jon Paul is dedicated to give back to the community for all the success he’s experienced over these years. He has worked on many charitable endeavors for children and women’s causes for many years.


He and his styling team work with women suffering through cancer by providing wigs for them along with care and knowledge about dealing with the physical and emotional effects hair loss during cancer treatments. The photo collection "Bald in Beautiful" was shot and dedicated to all women who have suffered through cancer and hair loss.

He has personally helped to raise and donate hundreds of thousands of dollars for B.C. Hospital Children’s Cancer Research; Children’s Pediatric H.I.V research and for B.C. Women’s Breast Cancer Research.

Avantgarde has supported an artistic foundation called “Artists for Kids” helping promote artistic endeavors for children and also works on many other diverse charity works.


Generally regarded as the number one hair salon in Vancouver Jon Paul believes he owes it all to his loyal clients. He says,” The most important thing is to honestly care for and love the clients that come into the salon and support you year after year. The longevity of any business is built on creating and then maintaining a high level of service to the guests that honour you with their support”.


“It’s all about the service. We provide advanced training for our staff in cutting, colouring and styling but spend even more time on quality service training. We honestly care deeply for our clients and believe we provide the highest level of client service and client satisfaction in Vancouver.” says Jon Paul.



BLO Make-Up & Blow Dry Bars

In 1986/1987 Jon Paul helped to create and found one of Canada’s first all Canadian Hair Product companies. Jon Paul is no longer involved with the company he helped found but it later become a nationally recognized top quality hair product manufacturer.  Originally named “Avant Garde” Hair Products it later changed to “Advance Group” or A.G. Hair Products.. 


His knowledge and interest in high end product development has assisted him in developing and producing a new, technically advanced hair product range. Over ten years ago he helped create a totally new concept of hair salons. “BLO Blow Dry Bars” which later became a national franchise. He then turned his creative attention to expand the blow dry idea to incorporate make up applications alongside the hair styling side of the hair bars.  “WOW”.. Make-Up and Blow Dry Bar.


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