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Our Services.

Each of our services are tailored to your hair personality and personal style.

Cutting and styling services costs vary depending which individual stylist you choose, their experience, hair type and position with the company.

To get a specific price quote, book a free consultation below.

Four of our wonderful salon models demonstrate dance, movement and fashion

Ladies' Haircuts

Ladies haircuts range from $70 for selected stylists and upwards to $120 for one of the art directors or managers

Men's Haircuts

Men’s cuts range from $45 and upwards to $75 for one of the art directors or managers.


Colours can range from $100 (for a root retouch or covering of grey hairs) up to over $150 if you personalize with highlights or lowlights.


Highlights start at $150. Shorter hair lengths can be quoted less depending on your wishes, ideas and your stylists vision.


Up do's and styling for special events start at $100. For bridal parties, please setup a consultation to receive a quote.

Hair Extensions

Prices range with hair length, type and the cost of the extensions. Please book a free consultation to get a quote.