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We are creating many new artistic adventures in the salon and every week we will keep you posted with our latest news, video’s and artistic photo shoots.

Our salon "muse" model, a true chameleon of fashion modelling

Avant Garde x 007

Our James Bond commercial is finally here!

Venice 1400AD!

Our latest Avant Garde collection is based on Venice 1400AD. Here's a sneak peak!

Venice 1400AD Photoshoot look 1 Avantgarde.jpg
Venice 1400AD Photoshoot look 2 Avantgarde.jpg
Venice 1400AD Photoshoot look 3 Avantgarde.jpg

Community Love!

We recently received this note that touched our hearts.

Avantgarde cares 1.jpg
Avantgarde cares 2.jpg

This note from a homeless person is a heartwarming story of small things we can ALL do to help others and change their view in life. We also realize how blessed we are with what we have.

All last year we had a homeless person living in the empty doorway next to our salon. Every morning we would get him a hot latte and croissant. he brushed and totally cleaned up the whole pavement area around the salon. We gave him $5 a day for a job well done, it’s wasn’t charity!

A client that works for social housing she gave me a business card for him to call. I was recently getting worried for his safety after we didn’t see him Outside for about two months, BUT then this Monday we had a note stuck on our salon door. If this doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will! I’m not telling you about this to get a pat on the back but because it makes us all realize that a little kindness can change lives